Direct Sales: Yorkshire & North West

We have an exciting opportunity for individuals in the Yorkshire or North west areas, who have experience in direct sales and a good proven record!

You will be travelling to visit independent retailers, carrying stock and cash handling. Experience in stock and cash handling is required. 

You will be required to conduct visits between May & June 2022 (Starting Date to be confirmed).

No call file will be provided, you will be required to use your knowledge of your local area to approach and target appropriate stores. Planning your routes in advance by using online mapping apps & Search engines.

Stock will be obtained from a dedicated Cash & Carry on a credit basis.

This work will involve working with tobacco based products, you must be comfortable handling Tobacco products & 18 or over to conduct this work. 

Pay:  £4-£8 + £2 expenses per call

Average earnings from prior staff: £2534

Top 3 Prior Earners: 

  1. £3296
  2. £3008
  3. £3003

Calls to be complete: May – June 2022

Work will last a duration of 4 consecutive weeks, Staff must be available each Monday & Friday to conduct work during this period, but can choose when to work between Tuesday-Thursday.

Interested? Can commit to 4 full working weeks & confident with Direct Sales? Register as a Contact staff member by clicking here to get job alerts available in your local area.

Alternatively contact us on 0191 259 1199 or email [email protected] for more information.

Areas we require to be covered are:

Yorkshire:North West:
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