In-store Merchandising point of sale is one of the most used field marketing techniques. For good reason! Here’s a story we hear often:

Arrows ramping up

So you’ve landed a great contract with Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, or other big supermarket.

The contract allows you to display your products directly next to the tills, or another high footfall area on branded informative displays.

Sales will surely shoot up!

The day comes when your products go up on their CDUs, FSDU or shelves…Yet sales barely increase.

What’s going on?

We see this a lot with our clients who expected their sales to gain easy momentum. The reality hits when the increase is not as high as expected.

Some stores will go weeks, even months without siting units. If they were damaged, a replacement needs to be sent. That takes time and effort to find the right person who can arrange replacement POS. It simply is not up high on the list of to dos in the busy world of retail, nothing personal.

How can we ensure our point of sale is selling?

Ideally on the day your contract goes live, you would send a member of staff into every store with your display units and promotional materials. The displays would be setup exactly as you had planned. Product branding would be visible, the promotional message standing out from the crowd.

If you’re a small business it’s impossible for you to reach every store in the country. Even if you’re big enough to be able to, it’s often time-consuming, inefficient, inconsistent or worse unreliable – that’s where we come in.

We can handle the warehousing of your display units or stock. We can handle the shipment of display units to stores (or preferably our field staff, who are far more reliable than store staff at siting units to planograms).

Merchandising point of sale is the best way to ensure product launches provide you the sales boost you hope for.

The Importance of Merchandising Point of Sale

No matter whether it’s till based Countertop Display Units, Free Standing Display Units, or as simple as new products on shelves – merchandising your new products is always a good idea for revenue.

Merchandising point of sale

For new products/displays the effect on sales is even more pronounced. Walking display units in rather than having them directly delivered is one of the simplest and easiest ways to multiply the launch revenue of your products. The alternative is allowing stores to take their time, which directly reduces sales numbers during the launching weeks.

Conducting merchandising visits during your product launches also allows you to give store staff a quick run-down of your products. This helps increase knowledge of your brand and products which ultimately helps drive sales through brand awareness.

Why put so much effort into the R&D, production, other efforts to get it into large retail stores if your products are going to fail to sell well due to poor visiblity, positioning etc.

Merchandising as a process ensures your displays are out and looking their best in time frames that you will decide.


Merchandising is a useful tool for businesses not only for new product launches, but also existing products. Merchandising is useful to ensure sales are not being hindered by unknown factors (blocked by other companies free-standing display units [breaching your contract with head office] for example).

Getting out in the field will always be a brilliant way for businesses to gather data about their products. Merchandising point of sale is an effective method for you to directly increase sales revenue.