Charities engaging in Field Marketing – Is it worth it?

Charities may not spring to mind when you hear the words field marketing. But many, if not, all charities regularly use a wide variety of marketing methods. After all they are aiming to win over the public to raise money towards a good cause. It helps to manage that without spending it all getting there.

With that in mind, and considering the time-proven effectiveness of face to face brand and sales promotional marketing – a well organized (small or large) field marketing campaign can prove very fruitful for charities seeking donations from the public.

So, why not just send the office staff out in the field to raise donations? Well of course that happens, they’re the most dedicated part of the charity – and also the most indispensable as the charity continues to grow.

If your office staff are out in the field raising funds then they are not using their skills to pursue the long term goals of the charity with 100% dedication. Some people are planners, organizers, some are B2B liaisons, some people are experts at person to person communication with absolute strangers – field marketing experts who shine when asked to positively interact with as many people as possible with a simple goal such as handing out informational fliers, while asking for donations from those receptive to the idea.

A highly informed, friendly, passionate, enthusiastic, and talkative field marketing expert will enable a charity to entice far more members of the public into donating than someone who is not well versed in approaching strangers in public for donations.

We at Contact Field Marketing & Solutions also know the field marketing industry inside-out and can guide you to raising funds in the field without falling foul of any field marketing laws (such as licencing for handouts in city centres)

Furthermore, job delegation is no less important to a charity than it is to any other business aiming to make more money than it is spending. If it takes less time and energy to outsource a process (in this case pitching the public for donations) and has a better outcome – why wouldn’t you?

We love working with charities pursuing good causes (big or small). Not only because we know our staff work hard (and will for you) but it also gives our field marketing teams more value and meaning to their work knowing they are directly helping people in need, or research into diseases.

Which is a huge thumbs up from us.

So if you have a charity and are looking into real world marketing to raise funds or awareness, feel free to get in contact with us and see how we can help.

Typically charity marketing is very similar to brand promotion – spreading information, hepling consumers remember your brand, pushing them to social media, email, websites etc.


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