Hungry For More… Merchandise

On behalf of a regular client since March 2014, we continue to support the weekly management of rebranding new members to the online takeaway ordering portal.

Each new member is visited by our merchandisers and given a ‘welcome pack’ containing caps, t-shirts, pens, and keyrings for the staff. We then brand the venue with eye-catching window decals which raise the profile and the service now being offered by the Takeaway.

Originally appointed to support a national TV advertising campaign in August 2013 by rebranding 9870 current partners, we have continued to visit all new members within 7 days of sign up, building their estate and delivering new members a welcome pack by hand as well as branding the venue with eye catching window decals.

Contact Field Marketing won “Most Effective Launch or Relaunch” at the FM&BE Awards in 2015 which recognised our work with this client.

If you need help or support with a merchandising campaign, get in touch. One of our specials will be happy to talk you through what we can do to help.


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