Now is the time to Return to Retail.

Why Retail, Why Now? 

Towards the end of 2021 retail sales were 7.2% higher than they were prior to the pandemic*. The appetite for Retail and that High Street experience has not declined in the minds of consumers, recent reports show that 50% of shoppers have missed window Shopping and in-store browsing during lockdown and Covid restrictions**. Retail stores and outlets now present a key opportunity to increase sales and create brand awareness. Now is the crucial time to rebuild your retail presence and we at Contact Field Marketing are at hand to execute your Campaign!

How to take advantage of the Retail spike.

POS placement can be crucial to giving your brand more prominence. It can help direct customers to your product in store, aid in impulse purchasing at the till point, or even contain information that can direct customers between online and physical sales channels. Recently we found on one of our campaigns, POS that we sited gave our clients brand 171% increased visibility across multiple sites nationwide.

How can Contact Help?

2022 marks Contact Field Marketing’s 20th Anniversary, meaning we are celebrating having 2 decades of experience that we can implement in the management of your campaign. We specialise in multiple functions. This month we deployed our valued and specialised team members to conduct Merchandising, Audit Calls, Fulfilment, Events and installations as well as POS Placement calls. Contact Field Marketing sited over 4000 individual pieces of POS in April. Between September 2020 – 2021 Contact Field Marketing were responsible for siting 165,000 pieces of individual POS on one campaign alone, visiting over 4000 sites a month on average- We even won an award for it!



 *Statistic taken from survey conducted by Square Jan 2022 – Survey Sample consisted of 500 retailers & 1000 consumers

**7.2% higher November 2021 compared to February 2020, based on Office for National Statistics data: Retail Sales, Great Britain Nov 2021


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