Point of Sale Display Walk-Ins – Overcome Launch Flops

What are Point of Sale Display Walk-Ins?

Point of Sale Display Walk-Ins are exactly what they sound like. Physically walking your display stands into stores, siting, merchandising and reporting back on them.

So in short, point of sale walk-ins support product launches and improve the impression left by your brand on consumers in-stores.

Ultimately this method helps nudge consumers in-store towards buying your products.

Point of Sale Displays are also known as Point of Purchase Displays, or simply retail displays. You can read more about the importance of display stands here.

Why would I walk my POS in?

Point of Sale Display Walk-Ins when a product launches in-stores nationally can greatly increase the number of sales experienced in those first few months. The effect lingers, and oftentimes if store staff are onboard with merchandising your POS display regularly this increase in sales can be sustained for a long period.

Retail stores are notorious for being any or all of the following: Busy, lazy, preferential, forgetful, emotional – basically humans run the show. Siting point of sale isn’t uncommon in-stores but it is potentially a hassle, difficult, awkward, unusual – essentially an annoyance rather than an exciting new product launch.

Point of sale is very often left in the warehouse well past launch date. In our own internal research, we found that near to 50% of stores failed to site display stands on launch dates. Not only that but a significant amount are often damaged while collecting dust in the back. Damaged stands mean replacements and more deliveries which adds to cost.

Not siting point of sale displays is obviously unacceptable – head-office signs has a contract with your business. That contract states display stands will be displayed by a certain date, merchandised regularly etc.

Stores must be held to account on this. However it’s often a blame game and communication issues, so it’s better to just circumvent this entirely. When brand ambassadors are contracted to walk in these display stands, compliance is much higher, and sales figures show this.

Benefits of POS Walk-ins

1 – Taking the storage, handling, delivery, and siting of your point of sale off of stores. You care for your brand, stores care for theirs.

You take some effort off their hands and they appreciate that YOUR brand is the one with the new point of sale displays. This can lead to preferential treatment of your products in-store by staff (especially managers, as it reduces a headache for them).

2 – Ideally walk-ins would be done by your full-time staff, who know your product lines very well. People who live and breathe your brand. People whos passion for the product is infectious, and can get store staff feeling positive about the products.

3 – Much higher compliance on launch dates, this means bigger impact, higher brand awareness and ultimately higher sales.

4 – Direct ambassador between your brand and the many retail staff across the country. A relationship can be built up, and your ambassador and brand will remain in the mind of these staff. This has a direct impact on the level of merchandising your display stands receive. Staff know they are being held accountable.

CFM Managed walk-ins

At CFM we have been walking display stands into stores for clients for many years. For national launches, our fully managed, reliable and effective Point of Sale Display Walk-Ins deliver a rapid rise in sales revenues.

Our national reaching database of staff (exceeding 20,000 individuals, with thousands who regularly work for us) means we can reach all stores in the nation, often covering tens of thousands over the course of a single week.

Recently we began handling the warehousing and delivery of stands to our staff also. This took out a major headache of knock on logistical delays and avoidable communication, making our service more cost effective.

We offer one of the most competitive pricing structures in the industry, mostly due to our wide reaching staff base, who can get to stores at low cost. We cut out travel times, we cut out mistakes, we cut out logistical issues, and we cut out potential for things to go wrong starting with our staff, our methods and our technologies.

Contact us to find out more! 0191 259 1199

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