The great thing about sampling campaigns is you can place the samples exactly where your consumers are likely to be: the end of the relevant aisle in a supermarket; City centres near universities; At a sporting event etc.

These campaigns should be considered a critical component in any product marketing strategy. A typical day in-store on this campaign can see sales increase by as much as a 900%. That’s massive. For a single day!

Consumers are bombarded by media messages from an ever increasing marketplace; TV, Press Advertising, Social Media, SMS, Email and the message is often lost and forgotten.

You can get through all of this noise and create personal moments between your brand and your customers.

Moments that normally wouldn’t happen until they have spent money on your product, received a taste from a friend who is recommending your product through word of mouth.

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In the last 12 years, our agency has placed millions of product samples into the hands of consumers nationwide and have managed product sampling campaigns for Olay, Pantene, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Aqua Pura, Zespri, Toast Me, Wetherspoons, Vaseline, Colgate and many more.

Whether it’s 500 or 500,000 samples we have the capability and resources to manage your product sampling campaign with ease, in-store, at an event or on the street.


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Find out how we helped an award-winning product dramatically increase sales.

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Discover how we distributed over 350,000 samples through over 100 Superdrug stores.

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