Sample Distributioon

Samples Storage, Pick and Pack, Distribution – Why outsource sample distribution to us?

We began (through need) handling warehousing and fulfilment for our clients field marketing materials. Things like point of sale displays, leaflets, newspapers, samples and the likes. This service also doubles as the ideal platform for sample storage and distribution for our clients online marketing efforts.

This in-house solution reduces reliance on clients or third parties dispatching marketing materials to our field staff. When marketing materials aren’t dispatched properly, huge logistical issues arise, from delays, to lost, wasted, damaged, wrong addresses, inefficient posting etc.

An unacceptable inefficiency of course, so we brought storage, picking and packing in house and haven’t looked back. We’re much more able to reliably site and merchandise point of sale in store, have leaflets distributed to our distributors etc.

Our rates of delivery (both of materials and campaigns) have increased significantly as a result. We know for a fact if the required materials have been dispatched or not. This knowledge removes the need for us to chase clients, warehouses, and couriers – which wastes everyones time.

We can be confident our Brand Ambassadors will have what they need when they need it.

So we want to extend this service to our clients and potential clients as a reliable, high volume warehousing and fulfillment solution.

Why do I need this warehousing and fulfilment service?

This is ideal for large (or small!) sample giveaways organized through things like Facebook, Instagram, your website etc. You capture customers emails (and or other details) in return for a free sample delivered to their door.

Email lists are the single most effective method of online marketing – a free, targeted medium. Building your email list through mass sample distribution is therefore a double whammy. Customers are more likely to buy, AND you have their emails for future marketing (provided they consent of course).

This can be a competitive cost effective solution to traditional sample distribution methods. Although handing out samples face to face still has its place, encouraging customers to buy in store which no doubt raises brand awareness and gives an instant boost to sales. Samples requested via social media takes out the need for someone in store or on the street handing out samples. Utilising our warehousing and fulfilment service means you can send out samples much more predictably and very quickly, with the added cost of postage/picking and packing.

This method of sampling is tried and tested, it can be targeted to your demographic group and from the very first campaign it is a cost effective solution to send out your free samples. When customers request a sample online it means you have data captured which means you can combine impactful online marketing methods with re targeting which makes this an an extremely powerful marketing method to ensure customer retention.

How do I get started?

It couldn’t be easier, call us on 0191 259 1199 to talk about your campaign requirements with one of our Account Managers. We will answer any questions and discuss any concerns or issues that need to be considered before the campaign begins.

Give us a call if you’re wondering about our prices 0191 259 1199 or email the campaign details to [email protected] we will generally come back to you within 24- 48hrs with a quote

You can then make an informed decision once you are satisfied with the costs and service you will receive if you wish to activate the campaign.

What do I need to do to activate my campaign?

  • Send all samples, leaflets, products etc to our warehouse in bulk (either in waves or all at once, depending what works best for you) direct from manufacturer is fine.
  • Send customer names, delivery addresses and any other relevant information in an appropriate format as agreed.
  • We will need dispatch/delivery window.
  • Samples will be packed, labeled and posted.
  • A report can be issued if needed.
  • All done!


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