Terms and conditions of Employment

Appointment of a Casual Worker – Casual Workers Contract

Your appointment is on “an as and when required” basis working at the location assigned. You will be notified by the app or via email as and when work is available. Appointment to the post does not guarantee that Contact Field Marketing & Solutions is obliged to offer you paid work on a regular basis.


Your rate of pay will be advised on each individual assignment but will not fall below national minimum wage


You will be paid for these hours (not inclusive of travel time, rest breaks or lunch breaks unless specified) by credit transfer every month to a bank or building society of your choice on the last working day of the month for each month worked. A copy of the pay schedule with cut off dates and pay dates can be found on the app. The app will record the completed hours of each assignment and this will be paid on the last working day of each month.


Please note that if you do not provide bank or building society account Contact Field Marketing & Solutions will be unable to make the payment, with the result that your pay will be held in trust by the company until this information is provided.

Annual leave

If you are hired as a tactical/casual worker, you will be paid rolled up holiday pay which will be included in your hourly rate.

Rolled up holiday pay will be clearly shown separate to your hourly rate on your payslip and is calculated at 12.07%.

Tactical/Casual workers are free to take holidays as and when they wish. CFM&S will proactively encourage their flexible staff to take regular holidays throughout the year.

Any tactical/casual worker who would rather not receive rolled up holiday pay and would prefer to receive holiday pay when holidays are actually taken must inform payroll as soon as they start work on their first assignment.


Contact Field Marketing & Solutions will always give as much notice as possible to terminate an agreed assignment however this is not always possible and the client can cancel at any time prior to the assignment. Contact Field Marketing & Solutions will not be financially held to any work that is cancelled.


In all other circumstances when you are due notice, the minimum period of notice which you are entitled to receive is one month or the statutory minimum period, whichever is the longer.

Grievance Procedure

If you have any concerns at work throughout the course of your employment, you should raise your concerns your manager in the first instance.  If your concerns cannot be resolved informally, you can express your concerns in writing and this will be duly investigated as a grievance following the ACAS Code of Practice.

Disciplinary Procedure

Any breach of disciplinary rules will render you liable to disciplinary action (or summary dismissal for offences of gross misconduct) unless there are mitigating circumstances.

Gross misconduct will normally lead to dismissal and examples of offences which have led to this include:

Unauthorised removal of property belonging to Contact Field Marketing & Solutions or that of the client; offences of dishonesty; fighting; physical assault; falsification of time sheets, subsistence and expenses claims; theft; malicious damage to Contact Field Marketing & Solutions property; sexual offences.

Where an investigation has given adequate evidence and a monitory value is owed this will be recouped from wages owed.

This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive and in addition there may be other offences of similar seriousness that could constitute gross misconduct and it must only be regarded, therefore as illustrative.

If there are any allegations of misconduct, this will be investigated fully following the disciplinary procedure as outlined by ACAS Code of Practice.

Extent of Duties

In addition to the duties associated with this post you may be required to carry out such other duties and at such other places, as may reasonably be prescribed by Contact Field Marketing & Solutions from time to time, within the purview of this post.

Training and Development

Contact Field Marketing & Solutions is committed to the training and development of all of their employees.  Upon commencement of employment, you will complete an induction programme with your manager to familiarise yourself with the Company and our practices as well as ensuring you know how your role fits in with the Company’s objectives overall, and ensuring that you know how to carry out your role effectively.

Your manager will meet with you regularly to discuss any training and development needs you have and help you reach your goals and objectives.

Training briefs will be supplied on commencement of each campaign to successfully complete the assignment/campaign. Please contact the account manager if any additional training support is needed.


During your employment with the company, you may not (other than for the Company’s purposes) use or disclose to any third party any client, commercial, financial or other information of a confidential nature safe to the extent, if any, that such information has become a matter of public record.  This duty remains binding upon you even after your employment with the company has terminated.  You may not publish any literature, deliver any lectures or make any communication with the Press and Media unless with the previous permission or instruction of the company.  Your attention is drawn particularly to the need for strict confidentiality in respect of all client or data base information whether related to contracts which are exclusive property of the Company or products licensed by the company.


You shall promptly, whenever requested by the company, and in any event, upon termination of your employment with the company deliver up to the company all lists of customers, correspondence and all other documents, papers and records, whether on computer disk or otherwise, which may have been prepared by you or have come into your possession in the course of your employment with the company and in no event shall you be entitled to retain copies thereof.  Title and copyright in all such documents, papers and records shall always vest in the company.


Other than as strictly be necessary for the performance of your duties as an Employee (and then subject to the approval of a company director) no company documents, computer programs (or copies thereof) or company property may be removed from the company’s premises without the express permission of a Director of the company.


If you are provided with equipment which is the property of the company you are responsible to take reasonable care of such equipment and to return it immediately in good condition, fair wear and tear excepted, at the company’s request or upon termination of your employment with the company, whichever shall first occur.

If you are provided with a vehicle by the company, then you shall comply with such regulations regarding its use as may be issued by the company from time to time.