Audit Calls in Post Offices: Sept 2022 – Twickenham & Southall

We are looking for First Class Audit staff to visit their local Post office to meet up with the branches Post Master. You’ll ask them a few questions & complete a feedback report to collate information for our client and give them information of our clients services – gifting them a Thank you box for their valued time. Post Offices will be expecting your visit!

Calls will take no longer than 30 minutes, and will be paid £6 per call!

There are multiple calls available we still have calls to be allocated in Twickenham & Southall.

Full call areas are below!

Pay:  £6.00 per call

Time in store: 30 minutes

Interested? Register as a Contact staff member by clicking here to get job alerts available in your local area.

Alternatively contact us on 0191 259 1199 or email [email protected] for more information.

Calls are currently available in these areas:  



Work Available

We have a total of 347 stores to cover for an ongoing client. These calls only take up to 20 minutes each, you will visit

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