The Benefit of a Syndicated Field Team

Syndicated and dedicated field teams are both contracted for an agreed period. The main difference being a dedicated field team works only for your company.

Whereas syndicated teams work with multiple clients, supporting brands that don’t compete with each other.

For companies with multiple brands, syndicated calls can be a great cost effective solution that maximises return on investment.

Syndicated Field Team Benefits

A syndicated field team working on multiple product lines can save up to and occasionally well upwards of 25% of the cost of a merchandising, POS Placementauditing, or compliance call.

The saving comes from the reduced travel, time needs for field staff, who can work on multiple lines while in the same store. You split the cost of us (CFM) organizing and managing field teams with another (or multiple) of our clients. Shipping costs (POS or leaflets for example) can also sometimes be reduced.

A Dedicated Field team is always available. Syndicated calls are usually only available when you are managing multiple lines, or another of our clients is visiting the same store or neighbouring locations at similar times (you will both benefit from the syndicated call). Syndicated calls demand more timing flexibility, in essence.

Why do You Need Regular Retail Visits?

Regularly visiting stores builds brand awareness and accountability with the staff in store. This increases sales by keeping your products at the forefront of the retailers mind, its as simple as that.

Our field teams can be used as an extension to your existing sales force, this is ideal in a competitive market place where you need to reinforce your message and raise brand awareness to keep ahead of the competition.

Visiting a store consistently lets store staff know that you will be regularly checking that they are selling your products to the best of their ability. You can also respond to questions and feedback that customers may have brought up to staff in-store, which our team will report back.

Flexible Usage of Contact’s Field Teams

Teams can be contracted for short or long-term activity. For example when coverage requirements are too widespread and time sensitive for in house teams to manage. This is very common for product lines which are sold on a national level within retailers stores. If you would like to target a larger percentage of your customers or sector, a national team is needed lest potential sales be missed by a small slow moving team.

You can use either a dedicated or syndicated outsourced team to extend reach, response times, and access additional customers through simultaneous visits across the country.


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